Art On Army Street Donation

Art On Army Street. Donations help offset expenses associated with putting on this event. Thank you for your generosity!

Art On Army Street Booth Space

Please pay for booth pricing here.  If you have any questions, please email  Thank you.

Note:  Click where is says “10’x 10′ Member” and a drop down menu will appear with the other payment options.

Booth Space

Half Panel Per Quarter – $20

950 sq inches – Hosting requirement of 1 afternoon per month from 12 to 4 pm, Wednesdays to Sundays.

Full Panel Per Quarter – $40

1,900 sq inches – Hosting requirement of 2 afternoons per month from 12 to 4 pm, Wednesdays to Sundays.

Gift Shop Per Quarter – $20

Gift Shop Items.

Entry Fee for Juried Shows – Members

Member Fee

Entry Fee for Juried Shows – Non-Members

Non-Member Fee

Membership Dues

Membership is $40 per year

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership is $300

Scholarship Donation

Your Scholarship Donation will go directly to the Scholarship Fund.  We appreciate your donation.  Thank you!


Your donation helps offset the daily costs it takes to run the gallery.  We appreciate your donation.  Thank you!

Sending money via Paypal Fee Free or sending as a “Friend”

Using PayPal in the traditional way allows PayPal to charge a fee. There is a way to send money to City Lights where PayPal does not charge a fee, which of course means more revenue for the gallery.

Here is how it works:
A person has to have a PayPal account, which is funded, or has access to funds, in order to be able to send funds to a “friend”, and that “friend” is City Lights. Once logged into there are two options: ‘Pay for goods or services’ or ‘Send money to a friend’. Using the email address anyone can send money to the gallery to pay for Membership Renewal or to make a donation to the gallery. There is a place where a ‘note’ can be entered by the sender to indicate the purpose of the money. Please be specific on what the money is for so that when the notification email is received from PayPal into the gallery’s email, the person handling the email can take the appropriate action. Sending money to the gallery means all money goes to the gallery and it saves you money too!!!

Thank you!!!