Call for Art!
2nd Quarter, 2024 Intake
March 29 and 30, from 12- 4pm
This quarterly exhibit will be on exhibit through April and May 2024. Our Photography Juried Show will
occupy the full gallery for June. Our gallery panel fees reflect this 2-month exhibit period. However,
hosting for April, May and June are still required to staff the gallery for the full quarter.
Please note that we are requiring hosting from both wall art artists and gift shop artists.
It’s important to pick up your Spring Juried Show art and the gift shop, when you bring in your 2nd
quarter 2024 art. (Per Gallery Rules: After 90 days it becomes the property of City Lights.)
You must be an active current member BEFORE intake date.
Before you come in…
Artist Record Forms, for the gallery and for the Gift Shop, dated with the current date, will be required.
Please make sure they are filled out completely before you come in, including your artist number.
2D art for the gallery walls must be recorded on your Gallery Artist Record Form
Reproductions, notecards, tiles, and Gift Shop items must be recorded on your Gift Shop Record Form.
Attach your Certificate of Authenticity to the back of each 2D piece.
ALL ITEMS must have a small white sticker label or tag (for jewelry) on the back with member #,
corresponding line # from your record sheet, and price.
Each 2D artwork must be correctly framed, wired, and ready to hang. All wall art must be wired securely
using D-Rings. Please wrap the wire securely to each D-Ring. Crimp wire is not allowed. The weight of
the art piece causes it to slip and allows the art piece to fall. Please…No exceptions.

City Lights Art Gallery is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Proceeds benefit the City Lights Scholarship Fund.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 91314; Henderson NV 89009-1314
Phone: (702) 260-0300 Email:
Website:, Facebook: @CityLightsArtGallery, Twitter: @CityLights_Gal
Revised Sept 2022 (ggh)

Gift Shop Display Fees and hosting requirements: (for artists NOT exhibiting wall art.)
$20 fee for the equivalent of one row of glass cubes, or a single row in the glass cases. You
may buy more space for an additional $20. The Gallery committee may position 3D pieces
to visually balance the exhibit. Hosting is required for one afternoon per month, for each
April, May, and June is required.
Gallery Fees and Hosting Requirements:
$30 Full Panel –1900 Sq. Inches for 2D work. Panel fee includes 15 matted/sleeved
originals or reproductions plus 25 note cards, plus 3 tiles. Hosting of 2 afternoons per
month is required for April, May, and June.
$15 for Half Panel –950 Sq. Inches for 2D work. The panel fee includes 5 matted/sleeved
originals or reproductions plus 10 note cards plus 3 tiles. Hosting requirement of 1
afternoon per month for April, May, and June.
If buying panel space, you may continue to exhibit in the Gift Shop with no additional hosting
For 2D wall art: No glass over 16”x20” is allowed.
Sign up for your hosting day(s), for April, May and June using the Hosting Calendar on the Intake Table. If
you want to sign up prior to Intake the Hosting Calendars are in the office. (We do our best to have at
least two hosts for each afternoon. Inexperienced hosts will be placed with an experienced host. We want
our hosts to feel comfortable during the afternoons they spend in the gallery.
You may pay ahead via PayPal on our website…please bring your printed receipt… or mail a check to:
City Lights, PO Box 91314, Henderson NV 89009. We must receive payment before the Intake date
unless you will be paying in person.
All required forms may be downloaded and printed from
If you have any questions, please review your Gallery Rules, or call the gallery at
702-360-0300, or email at
We are looking forward to new and exciting artwork from our members! We hope to see you as a
participant at our intake.
City Lights is a non-profit organization totally run by volunteers. As a member, we encourage your
participation by hosting and/or by joining a committee. We promise the rewards will be great!